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Bhimashankar – Ekadash Rudra Abhishek

This auspicious puja is dedicated to Lord Rudra who is one among 108 different avatars of Lord Shiva.


Puja Preparation


Rudra means destroyer of sorrows. According to the legend Lord Rama installed a Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram and performed Rudrabhishek Puja to express his devotion to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings. This puja is hailed by all ancient Hindu scriptures as one of the most effective and potent puja to remove all evils, to attain all desires and for all round prosperity.

This puja is performed to destroy all evil forces and possible dangers related to various aspects of life be it happiness at home, success in career and job, harmony in relationships, and much more. Shravan Maas is considered to be the holiest month of the year. During Shravan Maas, the cosmos is naturally charged with Shiva tattvas (elements) that purify the mind, the senses, the body and the self. It’s the best month to worship Lord Shiva with Rudrabhishek Puja.

The procedure of Ekadash Rudra Abhishek :
> Puja start with 11 Namak Chamak Rudrabhishek,
> Avahan,
> Aasan,
> Padya,
> Arghya,
> Snan,
> Panchamrut Snan,
> And last Aarti is done while performing  Ekadash Rudra Abhishek.



Time taken for the Ekadah Rudra Abhishek Puja is 45 Min

Required things(Puja Samgari)

Samagri :
Haladi Kunkum, Chandan-Chawal, Belpatra Pushpa, Coconut, Prasad, Cow Milk, Curd, Desi Cow Ghee, Honey, Sugar
(All the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji. Cost of Samagri included in Dakshina.)

Importance :
To fight against frightful wickedness, To avoid sudden death

Timing :
> Pradosh, Shivaratri, Somawar (Monday), any special day in between 05.30 AM to 02.00 PM




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