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Gangotri – Ganesh Semwal

Pandit ji,
Gangotri Temple (Chardham Yatra),

Gallery of Puja performed by him

Gangotri Temple (Chardham)

1995- Current

About Pandit Ji

Ganesh Semwal ji is one of the Pujaris at Gangotri Dham. He is from Mukhba, Harsil.which is known as Gangotri Dham’s Pujari village. All the Pandit jis of Gangotri Dham come from this Village. He learnt the knowledge of Puja – Aarti from his forefathers who were Pujaris in the temple. For hundreds of years his family have been praying and doing puja of Maa Ganga at Gangotri Dham. He is also a member of the Gangotri Temple Pujari Committee.

Profile Details

Graduation – M.A.

He graduated from Garhwal University.


He has been trained by his father Sharadchand Semwal who was also a pandit at Gangotri Temple.


Hindi, Sanskrit


Ganga Dhara Puja

Type of Puja Performed

Ganga Dhara pooja (Ganga Kinare)
Charana paduka Pooja
Pitru Pooja
VIP Darshan at Gangotri Dham



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