Gaya – Narayan Bali Puja

Narayan Bali Puja is performed to appease Lord Narayan for the unnatural death of a human or for any Pitru Dosh found in the horoscope. This puja is to be performed in all cases of unnatural deaths, like death by animals, fire, curse, cholera, disease, suicide, snake bite etc.


Puja Preparation


Narayan Bali is performed for people having:
Untimely/ Sudden  Accidental Death of immediate family members.
Those who have not performed Pitru(ancestral) rituals/ Srardha / Tarpana Regularly.
Those facing various problems related to marriage/ Job/ Childbirth/ Finances/ Fights /Court & Cases.
Those experiencing Paranormal / Negative / Evil Occurrences in life or Pitru dosha in the horoscope.

Narayan Bali is performed to fulfill and pacify the unsatisfied desires of dead souls who are trapped in our world because these desires stay with the soul even after death. To get rid of their pain they trouble their own descendants. Lord Vishnu further states this in the Garuda Purana to Shree Garuda: – “Until the funeral rites are properly performed the dead man, ever-hungry, roams about day and night in the form of airy matter”.

Note: Devotees should not consume anything made from rice from the time they leave their place for the puja. Non-vegetarian food should be strictly avoided.

Benefits : 

> Gets rid of the ancestral curse and all obstacles. Bad dreams & hindrances are dispelled.
> This is a remedy for all problems such as marriage & childbirth delays, financial troubles, illness etc.
> Our ancestors will rest in peace and their blessings are secured.
> It helps to get rid of the negative effect of Pitru Dosh in the horoscope.
> Secures the family from all bad spirits after the performance of these rites.

Procedure :

Ganesh Puja.
Pretha Sankalpam.
Kalash Sthapana.
Brahma Vishnu Rudra Yama Savitra devta avahana.
Narayana Bali homa performed by Karta.
Pitra Gayatri Jaap and Havan
Pinda pradan.
Tripindi Shradh ( For Getting rid of Anna lobh, Vastra lobh , Dravya lobh and sending our Pitrus whose atma is roaming in Bhumi, Antariksha or Akash to Pitru Loka ).


Time taken for the Narayan bali is 01 Days

Required things(Puja Samgari)

Required Things :

New clothes and Dakshina in form of money, Golden statue of Snake which should be minimum 1gm. It is important to bring the Nag (snake) statue made up of gold as silver Nag is not acceptable. It is also important to donate this statue of a snake after the vidhi (ritual).

The daksina includes food arrangements for 2 persons and all the Pooja Samagri. It is important to bring new white clothes that include a napkin, gamcha and dhoti for the pooja. And the ladies should have saree, blouse and other necessary things.

When can it be done?

Important Nakshatra days – Kritika, Punarvasu, Vishaka, Poorvabhadra, Uttarabhadra, Dhanista, Satabhisha, Revati.

Pitru Paksha, Amavasya, Poornima are best to perform Narayan Bali puja and also,

Shukla Paksha: Ashtami to Purnima (8 days)

Krishna paksha: Panchami to Amavasya( 11 days) are recommended to perform this ritual.




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