Vrindavan Adhya Katyani Shaktipeeth

Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

Katyayani Shaktipeeth in Vrindavan is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths of India. The temple is of Goddess Katyayani Devi. The hair of Mata Sati fell at this place. The location of the spot was unknown for centuries. Until Swami Keshavananda found it with Divine guidance.

Presiding Deities

  • Mata Katyayani
  • Skanda Mata
  • Mata Chandraghanta

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About Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

Darshan Timings

07:00 AM to 08:00 PM

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Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan Puja and Darshan Timings

Mandir Timing Timings
Mandir open in Morning 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Mandir open in Evening
05:30 PM to 08:00 PM

History and the story of Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

The history of Katyayani Shaktipeeth goes back to the days of the grand Yagna performed by Prajapati Daksha. Mata Sati – his daughter got married to Lord Shiva against his wishes. Prajapati Daksha had invited all Devi-Devtas, Rishis and Munis for this Yagna. But not Sati Mata and Lord Shiva. Mata Sati decided to attend the Yagna in spite of Lord Shiva’s advice not to go. She argued that She does not need an invitation to go Her own father’s house. When She arrived, Prajapati Daksha welcomed her cold hearted. He then insulted Lord Shiva in front of all. Mata Sati was unable to tolerate this and ended Her life by entering the sacrificial fire. When Lord Shiva heard of this He destroyed the Yagna and cut off Prajapati Daksha’s head. Everyone present pleaded with Lord Shiva to restore Prajapati’s life. He agreed and lord Shiva spared Prajapati Daksha’s life. But with the head of a goat. Lord Shiva’s grief and rage were uncontrollable. He picked up Sati Mata’s half burned body.  He began his celestial dance of destruction (Tandava Nritya) in the skies. Lord Vishnu was observing all this. He knew that the only way to cool down Lord Shiva was to separate him from Sati Mata’s body. He sent His Sudarshan Chakra which cut Sati Mata’s body into 51 parts. These parts fell all over the Indian subcontinent. Each of these places came to be Shakti Peeths.

Katyayani Shaktipeeth in Vrindavan remained unknown for centuries. Swami Keshavanada was born to pious and devout Brahmin parents. He was the person chosen by God to discover this place and start worship. Swami Keshavananda had left home at an early age to search for spirituality. His journey first took him to Varanasi. Here he turned into the Brahmachari order of Saints. He stayed for two years and then went to Vindhyachal. From Vindhyachal a Sadhu told him to go back to Varanasi. He suggested taking Diksha from the great Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya. Swami Keshavananda got his Diksha into the order of Kriya Yoga by Lahiri Mahasaya. Then, Lahiri Mahasaya asked Keshavanandaji to meet other great masters in the Himalayas. Swami Keshavananda spent 33 years in the mountains in his quest for spirituality. He met many great sages and ascetics. He was then told in a Divine Vision to proceed to Vrindavan. He identified the Shakti Peeth where Sati Mata’s hair had fallen. This was to be the most important of all that Swami Keshavananda did on earth. He came to Vrindavan and started living on the banks of the sacred Yamuna River. He soon identified the spot and acquired the land around it. He built a temple in 1923 and enshrined a Murti of Maa Katyayani. He also built an Ashram next to the temple. Swami Keshavananda lived here for the rest of his life. In 1942 he achieved Mahasamadhi. After that Swami Satyanandaji took charge of administering the temple. He was followed by Swami Nityanandaji and then by Rani Ma Ji. Currently, Swami Vidyanandaji Maharaj is managing the temple.

The inauguration of Katyayani Temple was in 1923 on the occasion of Magh Purnima. The temple has five forms of worship (Sampradayas). They are – Shakti, Shiva, Vaishnava, Ganpataya, and Saurya. The forms represent five deities. – Maa Katyayani, Chandrashekhar Shiva, Sri Lakshmi Narayan, Sri Ganesh, and Surya Dev. Jagatdhatri Devi is also worshipped here. This temple’s entire atmosphere is full of spirituality and Divine Energy.

Importance of Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

Katyayani Shaktipeeth, Vrindavan is a Shakti Peeth that got attention by Divine intervention. Here the Gopis of Vrindavan worshipped Maa Katyayani. Maa Katyayani blessed them to achieve the state of supreme devotion.

Best time to visit Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

Vrindavan can be visited all through the year.

How to reach Vrindavan

The nearest railway station is Mathura  railway station which is about 12 km from the temple.

The nearest airport is Agra Airport which is about 81 km from the temple.

Delhi Airport is about 170 km  from the temple.

Puja in Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

Pandit Ji in Katyayani Shaktipeeth – Vrindavan

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