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Tuljapur – Kedar Lasane

Known as Lasane Guruji,
Tulja bhavani – Pujari
Tuljapur, Maharashtra

Gallery of Puja performed by him

Tuljapur mandir Pujari

2005- Current

About Pandit Ji

Kedar Lasane, also known as Lasane Guruji is the pujari at One of the Shaktipeeths – Tulja Bhavani, Tuljapur.

He performs all types of poojas there.
He is also connected to the Tuljapur Temple
He also runs a Dharamshala in Tuljapur with budget room facilities.

Profile Details


He complete his Graduation From Maharahstra University.


He has been trained by his father Pujari Dipak Lasane who was also a Pujari at Tuljapur.


Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit,English


Kuldharma Kulachar Pooja

Type of Puja Performed

Abhishek Pooja
Ooti Pooja
Gondhal Pooja
Sinhasan Pooja
Kuldharma Kulachar Pooja


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  1. Himachal Mehta

    Thanks Panditji for your Blessings on us…

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