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Kedarnath – Shodashopachar Puja

Kedarnath is one of the most Sacred places of Chota Char Dham Yatra. People highly believe in lord Kedara. This temple is open around April end / May month up to October end or November month. During these 6 months of period lacks devotees visit the Kedarnath temple. They offered various Puja over there. Shodashopachar Puja is one of the pujas perform there in the evening time.


Puja Preparation


Lord Shiva is worshipped with all sixteen rituals along with chanting of Puranik Mantras during Shivaratri and other ocassions related to Lord Shiva. Worshipping Gods and Goddesses with all 16 rituals is known as Shodashopachara Puja (षोडशोपचार पूजा).


Shodashopachara Puja is start with
1)Dhyanam (ध्यानम्)
2)Avahanam (आवाहनं)
3)Padyam (पाद्यम्)
4)Arghyam (अर्घ्यम्)
5)Achamaniyam (आचमनीयम्)
6) Panchamrut Snan (पंचामृत स्नान)
7)Vastram (वस्त्रं)
8)Yagyopavitam (यज्ञोपवीतं)
9)Gandham + Akshatan (गन्धम् +अक्षतान्)
10)Pushpani (पुष्पाणि)
11)Dhoopam (धूपम्)
12)Deepam (दीपं)
13)Naivedyam (नैवेद्यं)
14)Tambulam (ताम्बुलम्) + Dakshinam (दक्षिणां) + Aarti (आरती)
15) Mantra Pushpanjali (मन्त्र पुष्पाञ्जलि)
16) Kshama-Prarthana (क्षमा-प्रार्थना)


Time taken for Shodashopachar Puja is 15 min.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

Samagri :
In this puja all the samagri cost include in Dakshina.

Puja Timings
6 PM to 9 PM (Daily at Evening time)

Place:  Kedarnath temple.

Dakshina :
> Rs. 5501 /- for 5 person family. (Attendee)
> Rs. 2301/- fr  1 person family. (Non attendee)
(In this puja Devotee’ s presence is required.)





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