Sudarshan Homam

Nashik Pejawar Mutt – Sudarshan Hawan/Homam

Sudarshan havan is performed for removing enemies and avoiding accidents. This is done to improve the energy level in the environment and to eliminate undesirable elements.


Puja Preparation


Sudarshan Havan is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Sudarshan, a form of Lord Vishnu. Sudarshan Chakra is the most powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu. Performing this Havan is ideal to eradicate and overcome obstacles caused by enemies and to protect you from evil eyes and dristi.

This havan is performed by invoking Lord Sudarshan, followed by the chanting of Sudarshan Mantra and then performing the Havan to receive his blessings.


  • Sudarshan Havan protects and helps overcome obstacles caused by one’s enemies.
  • Sudarshan Havan is a powerful cure for one affected by evil spirits and the influences of negative energy.
  • Performing this Havan also protects one from the evil eye, black magic, and other evil curses.
  • This havan bestows one with a happy and prosperous life.


Time taken for Sudarshan Homam is 1 Day.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

All the Puja Samagri is included in Dakshina


  • To overcome debts, financial difficulties and relationship issues.
  • Ensures material wealth in abundance.
  • Done on Saturdays, Ekadashi, Dwadasi and Purnima days.
  • Evening Time is best.
  • Deity Worshiped: Lord Sudarshan.

When to Perform Sudarshan Havan?

Saturdays, Purnima, and Ekadasi are auspicious days to perform this Havan. The date for performing this havan can be fixed according to one’s janma nakshatra, yoga, and tithi.

Place of Puja
> This Puja is perform at Udupi Pejawara Matha, Nashik (Nasik), Maharashtra.





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