Somnath dudh Puja

Parli Vaijnath – Arogya Puja

Arogya puja is ideal for those who want to enjoy a healthy life and maintain their health in perfect condition.


Puja Preparation


It is done for good health of the family members and for their long and healthy life

Place of Puja
It can be done at any Shiv Mandir, here it will be done at Parli Vaijnath Mandir.

It enhances the longevity, good health & well-being of the person.
It reduces all the types of health-related diseases thereby eliminating health problems.
This puja gives you mental peace and reduces worries by meeting the exact requirements.
It creates a positive impact on the mental and physical aspects of a person.
By eliminating the health problems in life, this puja develops the standard of living.
It wipes out all the negativity & the evil spirits that affect the health of a person.

When can it be done?

Arogya Pooja is performed on all 365 days of a year.
From Tuesday to Sunday it can be perform any time between 5 AM to 3 PM &  on Monday it can be perform any time between 5 AM to 8 PM

How is the Puja done?

Arogya Puja start with sankalp along with Yajman’s name and of gotra.
After that Shivling is poured with panchamrut,
Later on Yajman poured water on the Shivling,
Next step is to poured sugarcane juice on the Shivling from sliver vessel(lota) end of this process Abhishek is completed now yajman need to poured fresh water on the Shivling and rubbed Chandan and bhasama on it.
At last puja will be completed with the aarti of lord Shiva.
How Many Yajman allow ?
At a time 4 Yajman (people) allowed to sit in one Puja.


Time taken for the Arogya Puja is 30 min.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

(All the Puja Samagri is included in Puja Dakshina)

Sandalwood (chandan) (चंदन)
Turmeric (haldi) (हल्दी)
Ball of colored cotton thread (nadachhadi)(नाड़ाछड़ी)
Sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras) (गन्ने का रस)
Loose flowers (fool) (फूल)
water of ganga (gangajal) (गंगाजल)




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