Pavagadh Kalimata Temple

Pavagadh Mahakali Temple

Mahakali Temple in Pavagadh, Gujarat is dedicated to Maa Kali, a form of Goddess Durga. This Shakti Peeth temple has been an ancient pilgrimage long before the town of Champaner was established and long after it declined, to the present day. The origins of this pilgrimage go back to the time of the Ramayana. The present temple was first built in the 10th century CE.


Presiding Deities

  • Mahakali Mataji


About Pavagadh Mahakali Temple

Darshan Timings

05.30 AM to 07.30 PM

Dress Code


Photography and Videography

Not Allowed



Pavagadh Mahakali Temple Puja and Darshan Timings

Puja And Darshan Name Timings
Mangala Aarti 5.30 AM
Shayana Aarti 6:30 PM

Puja in Pavagadh Mahakali Temple

Pandit Ji in Pavagadh Mahakali Temple

Nearby Attractions

  • Pavagadh Jain Temple
  • Ajwa Water Park

Temple Location



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