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Pushkar – Shri Brahmaji Mandir

Shri Brahmaji Mandir in Pushkar, Rajasthan is dedicated to Lord Brahma. The temple is located near Pushkar Lake. A very ancient temple, Brahmaji Mandir is a highly revered religious destination for devotees from all over India and abroad. Pushkar has been a pilgrimage for thousands of years. Earlier this was the only Brahma temple in the world, and is among the most visited temples in India.

Presiding Deities

  • Jagdamba Mandir
  • Patleshwar Mahadev
  • Pashupatinath
  • Char Ved

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About Pushkar – Shri Brahmaji Mandir

Darshan Timings

05.00 AM to 01.30 PM || 03.00 PM to 09.00 PM

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Pushkar – Shri Brahmaji Mandir Puja and Darshan Timings

Temple Puja and Darshan Timings

Pushkar Temple is open From05:00 AM to 09: 00 PM
Darshan Timings  in Summer05.00 AM to 01.30 PM || 03.00 PM to 09.00 PM
Darshan Timings  in Winter05.30 AM to 01.30 PM || 03.00 PM to 08.00 PM
Sandhya Aarti40 minutes after sunset
Shayan arati5 hours after sunset 


History of Bhramaji Mandir Pushkar

The history and story of Brahmaji Mandir goes back to the days when Devi-Devatas frequently came down to earth. Brahmaji had once killed a demon named Vajranash with His weapon – a lotus flower. While doing that, three petals from the lotus fell to three different paces on the ground. Lakes were formed at the spots the petals fell. These came to be known as Jyeshta Pushkar, Madhya Pushkar and Kanishta Pushkar. The word Pushkar comes from Pushpa (Flower) and Kar (Hand). Later Brahmaji decided to perform a Yagna at Jyestha Pushkar. In order to protect His Yagna from demons, He first created hills all around and asked Devas to remain on guard. Everything was ready for the Yagna to begin, however Brahmaji’s wife Savitri Mata (Saraswati Mata) was not able to come in time. Brahmaji was displeased and asked Indradev to find a suitable bride. Indradev found a peasant’s daughter who was passed through the body of a cow to purify her.It was the girl’s second birth and she was named Gayatri. Brahmaji and Gayatri Mata were duly married and the Yagna began. The Yagna was nearly completed when Savitri Mata appeared and was angered to see Gayatri Mata instead of Herself. She cursed Brahmaji that He would not be worshipped on earth. She then reduced Her curse, allowing this one temple where Brahmaji would be worshipped. She also cursed Indradev, Lord Vishnu, Agnidev and the priests. Savitri Mata then went to Ratnagiri Hill and merged with it, showing Herself as a stream that originates from near a temple dedicated to Her. Gayatri Mata, now blessed  with powers of the Yagna, reduced the effect of all the curses and declared Pushkar would be known as the King of Pilgrimages (Tirthraj).

The original temple was built by Rishi Vishwamitra after Brahmaji had completed the Yagna. The site was selected by Brahmaji Himself. Centuries later the temple was renovated by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century.  The temple as we see it today was first built in the 14th century by Maharaja Jawat Singh of Ratlam. He retained the original temple design. The temple is made of marble and stone slabs with a shikhara reaching a height of 70 feet. Atop the shikhara is a replica of a swan (Hans), Brahmaji’s mount. The main idol of Brahmaji is four faced and with four arms. An idol of Savitri Mata is on the right of Brahmaji’s idol. Various other idols of Lord Vishnu, Garuda and other deities can be seen here.

This temple is managed by ascetics who mostly belong to the Parashar Gotra lineage. They follow very strict rules of worship. Married men are not allowed to enter the Sanctum. Besides devotees this temple is visited by many holy men, sadhus and sanyasis. The main festival celebrated here is Kartik Purnima. The famous Pushkar camel fair is also held on that day. Special pujas are done on Purnima and Amavasya days.

Importance of Shri Brahmaji Mandir

Pushkar is known as the King of pilgrimages (Tirthraj) with more than 500 temples, large and small. Pushkar lake has been created by Brahmaji Himself. The temple site has been selected by Brahmaji Himself and the temple was originally built by Rishi Vishwamitra. Adi Shankaracharya is associated with this temple. All this put together makes Pushkar one of the most significant religious destinations in India.

Best time to visit Pushkar

Pushkar is active with festivals and events all through the year, so one can go any time. The winter months (November to March) are best as the weather is cooler.

How to reach  Shri Brahmaji Mandir

Though Pushkar has a railway station, it is not well connected.The nearest major railway station is Ajmer, about 15 km away.

The nearest airport is Jaipur Airport, about 145 km away.

Pushkar is well connected to cities in Rajasthan by road and buses are easily available.


Puja in Pushkar – Shri Brahmaji Mandir

Pandit Ji in Pushkar – Shri Brahmaji Mandir

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