Rishikesh– Ganga Pujan

The Ganga is one of the seven holy rivers of Hinduism and perhaps the most important among them.


Puja Preparation


The river Ganga is an earthly manifestation of Devi Ganga, who is the sister of Maa Parvati. She had come down to earth on the request of King Bhagirath and descended through the head of Lord Shiva. Ganga is tremendously sacred to Hindus all across the world and millions take dips in her waters everyday to cleanse and purify their souls. The worship of Maa Ganga is one of the most important rituals in Hinduism. It is believed that Maa Ganga has the power to wash away any sin of any person.

Benifits Of Ganga Pooja 

1. It purifies the souls of devotees.

2. Cures diseases and ailments.

3. Washes away the sins of devotees and gives peace to the souls of their ancestors.

4. Helps one attain Moksha or liberation of the soul.


Time taken for the Ganga Pujan - 30 mins

Required things(Puja Samgari)

All the Puja Samagri is included in Dakshina

Milk (दूध)

Curd (दही)

Fruits (फल)

Flowers (पुष्प)





1. How can I book the Puja and Pujari?
A. You can book the Puja by clicking on “BOOK NOW” button and follow the process of Payment.


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