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Badrinath – pandit ji

Uniyal Bhuvan Chandra is the present  Dharmadhikari of Badrinath, Uttarakhand (Himalayas).

Gallery of Puja performed by him

Badrinarayan Temple, Badrinath

1983 – Current

About Pandit Ji

Bhuvan ji is well known for his deep knowledge of Vedic Sanskrit Literature and Hindu scriptures puja. He joined Badrinath Temple in 1983 as Chief Vedapathi of the temple and later became Dharmadhikari of the Temple. All Temple rituals are performed under his guidance. Bhuvan Chandra is also the Chairman of the Ritual Committee in Joshimath.

Profile Details


He graduated from Dehradun University.


He has Knowledge of Vedic literature


Hindi, Sanskrit, English


बहूनि सन्ति तीर्थानि दिवि भूमौ रसासु च ।

बदरी सदृशं तीर्थ, न भूतो न भविष्यति।।


All Badrinarayan Pujas.

He performs Bhagwat Saptah / Bhagwat Katha in India and abroad.(India, Mauritius, etc). Devotees visiting Badrinath are pleased by his helpful nature. Every day in Parikrama of Badrinath temple he tells Kathas on various topics of the Puranas and Vedas one at a time. Locals of Badrinath regularly attend the daily lectures and are highly pleased by his wonderful explanations.



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