Tuljapur_Ooti Puja

Tuljapur – Ooti Puja

In this worship of the Goddess,ooti hasto be offered, It contains 6 vari saree, one coconut, blouse piece, five bananas, rice,  turmeric, and kumkum. Kapoor aarti is performed for deities


Puja Preparation


Ooti Pooja has great significance in Tuljapur temple

This pooja can be performed with the Family.

In this puja, Goddess’s six sari, choli, one coconut, five bananas, turmeric-kumkum are filled with OT of the Goddess and Kapoor Aarti is performed

Procedure :

> A Saree, Fruits offered followed by holy Aarti chanting of devi

> It will be performed after the Abhishek / Panchamrut Abhishek ends.

> Devotee’s attendance is not required, they can do it from their home as well.

> It can be performed by one family.


Time taken for the Ooti is 30 Min.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

Samagri :
Saree, Fruits
(All the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji. Cost of Samagri included in Dakshina.)

Importance :
> Devotee offers this pooja to seek holy blessings from goddess.

Timing of Pooja :
After 9 AM




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