Ujjain – Chandra Grahan Dosh Puja

Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse) is a position in which the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun. In this case, the whole or half of the moon is covered. This state is called a Chandra Grahan.


Puja Preparation


How is the Chandra Grahan dosha formed in the horoscope:

The person whose horoscope is in the sight of Rahu or Ketu along with the Moon is called a Chandra Grahan. If the moon is of the lower zodiac or is surrounded by lower planets, inauspicious or sinful planets, it is also called Chandra Grahan Dosha(lunar eclipse defect). Shaligram Shala Puja and Yagna Services suggest Chandra Grahan Dosha Nivaran Pooja must be done to remove the defect. Grahan dosh is also present when a person is born on a Grahan day.


When the Planets Moon and Ketu are placed together in the same house or they are respecting each other then it is known as Purna Chandra Grahan dosha.


When the Planet Moon and Rahu are present together in the same house or they are respecting each other then it is known as Partial Chandra Grahan dosha.

The one who has Chandra Grahan dosha faces loss of confidence, emotional instability, relationship issues, and fears. Grahan Dosha Nivaran Puja helps the person to come out of the problems of stress, obstacles, and misfortunes. This puja helps attain confidence, power, and happiness. The path of the individual is cleared and he attains professional and personal success.

Performing this puja helps in completing your important work. With the effect of this puja, all the stalled works are completed. It removes all physical and mental worries. The Chandra Grahan Dosha that is present in the horoscope is reduced by this puja. For the peace of Chandra Grahan one should worship Chandra Dev and Lord Shiva.


– For an imaginative, creative, fearless and emotionally balanced  life.
– It helps the individual to be free of problems of stress, obstacles, and misfortunes.
– Controls mental infirmity and fixes psychological problems.
– It helps  attain confidence, power, success, and happiness.
– For artistic fields.
– Prosperity, luck, and peace.
– For calmness, contentment and creative bliss.
– Removes mental stress.
– For diseases related to breathing, lungs, chest and mental depression.
– Remover of darkness and controls the emotional balance.


Time taken for the Chandra Grahan Dosh Puja is 2.30 Hrs. to 3 Hrs.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

> Palash wood,
> Palash flower,
> White flower,
> White cloth,
> Conch,
> White sandalwood,
> White thread

All the Puja Samagri is included in Puja Dakshina

Place of Puja
It can be done at any place of pilgrimage, at the house of the host, or the house of the Brahman.




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