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Ujjain – Kaal Sarp Dosha Puja with Rahu & Ketu Jaap

Kaal Sarpa dosh is a circumstance when all seven planets come between Ketu and Rahu. Therefore, a person comes under the effect of Ketu and Rahu. This is known as Sarpa Dosha and believed to have very adverse effects. To be free of these adverse effects, the person must do the Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja.
In this Puja 2 additional brahmins join to chant Jaap of Rahu & Ketu.


Puja Preparation


Ujjain is the best place for the performance of Kaal Sarp Puja. Ujjain is one of the 12 Jyotirlings. When all other planets are surrounded by planets Rahu and Ketu then it is known as Kaal Sarp Yog. Many adverse and unexpected incidents happen in a person’s life like fertility problems, loss in business, family-related problems, health-related problems, Marriage related problems, etc.

There are 12 types of Kaal Sarpa Dosh:

  • Anant Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Kulik Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Vasuki Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Padam Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Maha Padam Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Takshak Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Karkotak Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Shankhchood Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Ghatak Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Sheshnag Kaal Sarp Dosh


  • This Pooja is done in a single day.
  • It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete this Vidhi or Pooja. It is necessary to give food to the needy.
  • Devotees have to bring only fresh clothes (New) for the pooja. The clothes required are Kurta & pyjama or Dhoti, and Gamacha for male and Sari or Punjabi Dress of any color except black, green & plain white for females. The puja will be done wearing these new clothes. After the puja, the clothes will have to be left there
  • Devotees should have a bath or wash their hands & feet. He/She should not bath again after pooja.
  • Put Ganapati, Matruka Pujan, 1 Gold Nag, 1 Silver Murti of Rahu, 1 silver Murti of Kaal and worship it.
  • Later worship Navagraha.
  • Then worship Shiv Ji on the Kalash and do Havan with Kala Tila and Ghee.
  • One should never do this Pooja with oiled hair. Pregnant women should not take part in this Pooja.
  • Persons who are participating in the pooja should have a bath before this Pooja.
  • Devotees will have food without onion and garlic on the day of the pooja. The next day onward you can have both.
  • One can also do Rudrabhishekam after the completion of this Pooja. That completes the Pooja process.
  • The son of the person who has expired should do Pitru Paksha. Grandsons cannot do it while his father is alive.
  • Along with the Puja vidhi, 2 brahmins chant the Rahu & Ketu Mantra.

>Provides professional and personal stability.
> Remove hurdles in the way to success
> The malefic effects caused due to the Kaal Sarp dosh are nullified.
> Gives relief from stress and negativity
> Gives relief from the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha.


Time taken for the Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja is 3 Hrs.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

All the Puja Samagri is included in Dakshina

When to Perform Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja?

Kaal Sarp dosh remedy Ujjain is to be performed when a person has Kaal Sarp Yog in his/her horoscope.Then this Shanti puja can be performed on Amavasya, Shravan Somvar, Panchami or any auspicious day.

  • One can bring three snake images made of lead, copper, and silver. A person should wear new clothes for the Kaal Sarp dosh Pooja. You can decorate the Pooja altar with vermilion, flowers, sandal paste, and turmeric paste. Place the pooja thali on the pedestal and three metal snakes on the thali.
  • Make a cone-shaped Ganpati image from the paste of turmeric and place it in mango or betel leaf. Give bath to the Snake images with milk, water, honey, and other fragrant substances. Make the diyas with sweet flour and ghee, with a cotton wick. One can also offer coconut, fruits, sprouts, and betel leaves to the snake.
  • Sopari


Place of Puja
It can be done at any place of pilgrimage or the house of the Brahman.

No. Of Brahman – 03
> One for the Vidhi
Two for chanting the Rahu & Ketu Mantra




1. How can I book the Puja and Pujari?
A. You can book the Puja by clicking on “BOOK NOW” button and follow the process of Payment.


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