Puja at Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi - Rudrabhishek
Uttarkashi - Pitru Shradh
Uttarkashi - Durga Saptashati 1 Path
Uttarkashi - Nav Chandi Hawan
Uttarkashi - Sundarkand Path

Puja at Uttarkashi is a religious ritual and a celebration of cultural traditions. The puja performed here holds importance due to the spiritual environment and its connection with prayers.

Rudrabhishek, Maha Mrityunjay Jaap, Pitru Shradh, Durga Saptashati 1 Path, Nav Chandi Hawan, Vishnu Sahasranama and Sundarkand Path are important pooja performed at Uttarkashi. An experienced pandit performs all these pujas with full dedication and devotion.

People do these pujas for success, good health and spiritual growth. They believe that by praying in this special place, their wishes can come true and they can find peace.