Puja at Theur

Theur - Naivedyam Puja  Abhishek
Theur - MahaPuja
Theur - Ganesh 11 Avartan Puja
Theur - Naivaidya Poshak Puja

Puja performed at Theur is very important because Theur is one of the eight Ashtavinayak temples, representing a different facet of Lord Ganesha. Through many pujas and prayers, devotees honour and show their trust in Lord Ganesha. The puja is an important part of the pilgrimage to the temple. It provides an opportunity for prayer and regrowth for devotees.

Puja at Theur, performed at Lord Ganesha's temple, includes Naivedyam Puja Abhishek, Maha Puja, Ganesh 11 and 21 Avartan Puja, Sahastra Avartan Puja Abhishek and Naivaidya Poshak Puja.