Puja at Parli Vaijnath

Parli Vaijnath - Abhishek Puja
Parli Vaijnath - Arogya Puja
Parli Vaijnath - Laghu Rudrabhishek
Parli Vaijnath - Maha Mrityunjay Jaap Puja

Puja Booking in Parli Vaijnath

Parli Vaijnath Temple located in Maharashtra is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered one of the Jyotirling. People believe that doing puja at this temple is very auspicious and has great significance. Devotees perform puja to seek blessings for good health, prosperity and harmony in their life.

The types of pujas conducted there start from offering flowers, fruits and mantas by Pandit ji. Various pujas are done here including Abhishek Puja, Panchamrut Abhishek, Arogya Puja, Maha Mitrunjay Jaap and many others.

Every puja has great importance conducted there whether is virtual or not. Book your puja from YatraDham.Org.