Puja at Ozar

Ozar - Ganpatisukt Abhishek

Puja at Ozar is a significant religious ceremony at one of the Ashtavinayak temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Performing puja at Ozar is part of Hindu tradition in Maharashtra. People do it to show their faith and devotion to Lord Ganesha. Devotees perform puja at Ozar to receive blessings and benefits. These may include wishing the removal of Vighna, success in businesses, growth, health and happiness for themselves and their families.

At Ozar, the puja includes special rituals like Ganpati Atharvashirsh Abhishek, Brahmanaspati Sookta Abhishek, Ganpatisukt Abhishek, Ganesh Sahasranamavali and Durva Archan. Our experienced Pandit conducts each ritual with devotion. You can easily book these pujas through YatraDham.Org.