Bhalka Tirth Temple

Bhalka Tirth Temple, Somnath
Bhalka Tirth Temple
Bhalka Tirth Temple, Somnath

About Bhalka Tirth Temple

Bhalka Tirtha is located in the Veraval in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat, India. Bhalka located just 4 kilometres from Somnath Temple, is the place where Krishna left his body. It is said that he was killed by an arrow shot by a hunter named Jara, an act referred to in the Puranas as Shri Krishna Nijdham Prasthan Leela. Bhalka is part of the Lord Krishna. The site also has an ancient history as Prabhas Patan was occupied during the Indus Valley Civilisation, 2000–1200 BCE. Festivals celebrated are Janmashtami, Shivaratri, Shravan, Golokdham Utsav, Diwali, Kartik Purnima, and Somnath Sthapana Divas.

Temple Timings and Details

  • Clock Darshan Timings

    Opening Timing -  6:00 AM

    Evening Timing -  9:00 PM

  • T Shirt Dress Code Traditional and formal clothing
  • Camera Photography Allowed
  • Prasad Image Prasad Available

Puja in Bhalka Tirth Temple

Temple Location

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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