Aundha Nagnath – Panchamrut Rudrabhishek with Rudrashtadhyayi


The common name of Shukla Yajurvedi Rudrashtadhyayi is “Rudri”. Which consists of 8+ 2 = 10 chapters –
1.Sankalp Sukta 2. Purushsukta 3. Uttaranarayana Sukta 4. Apratishth Sukta 5. Maitrasukta 6. Rudrasukta 7. Mahichhar Sukta 8. Rudrajata 9. Namak-chamak10. Shanti Adhyaya 11. Swasti prarthana


1. How can I book the Puja and Pujari?
A. You can book the Puja by clicking on “BOOK NOW” button and follow the process of Payment.


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