Somnath – Laghu Rudrabhishek

In the Laghu Rudrabhishek Prayog, the Yajurveda Ch.16, meaning the 5th chapter of Rudri or “Namaste” chapter is recited over and over again 121 times.


Puja Preparation



Earth, water, light, air, sky, mind, intelligence and ego are the supernatural nature of this Paramatman. While the soul is the transcendental nature of the Divine. This transcendental nature means “Jiva or Shiva”.
Dhyan, Bhajan, Japa, Swadhyaya, Pujan, Path, Hom-Havan and Abhishek are the means to please Mahadev, the Omnipotent and gigantic formed Vishad Brahm Parmatma.
Besides the above, this Puja is done to obtain freedom from disease, ability to bear children, sharper intelligence, and increase in wealth, freedom from bodily pains, wordly strife, and freedom from problems in relationships, stability in relationships, repression of enemitic nature, increase in opulence, increase in worldly pleasures and freedom from all sorts of problems. This puja pleases Shivji very much and gives man the best of fruits (results).

What is the text? (Description with grounds)
The description of Lord Sri Rudra’s Rudrashtadhyayi is in Yajurveda Samhita itself and in every mantra of Rudri. It is also described in various texts such as Rudrakalpa, Parashar Kalpa, Manusmriti, Kaivalyopanishad, Shiva Purana, Rudra Kalpa Drum, Naradpuran, Lingapuran, Mantra Mahodadhi, Maharudra Tantra, Rudrayamala Tantra, Mahabharata and Ramayana. In all these separate texts the sanctity of Rudrabhishek is mentioned besides this Shukla Yajurvedi Rudrashtadhyayi is sanctified in various Karmakand books in different ways. This Shiv Puja has also been praised by way of hymns and mantras in different books with love devotion and faith.

Abhishek with religious water cures disease.
Abhishek with cow’s milk leads to fertility
Abhishek with milk mixed with sugar sharpens intelligence
Abhishek with cow ghee increases happiness and wealth.
Abhishek with milk mixed with Gangaajal averts worldly calamities.
Abhishek with mustard or any other oil destroys an enemy’s intelligence.
Abhishek with fragrant substances (Ashtagandha) increases opulence
Abhishek with sugarcane juice makes speech likeable.
Abhishek with Ganga water gives Mukti

When can it be done?
Worship of Lord Ashutosh done every day results in the welfare of all. However, Mahadevji Himself has given details of the month, day, and date for His puja in Shiva Purana. He has given special importance to the month of Shravan. Shivji has recommended a diet of Charnamrit consisting of wheat bread (Bhakri), Jaggery, sugar and water for women who are fasting, and has given special importance to Mondays. In Shiv Purana Mahadev has also talked about the significance of Mahashivratri in the month of Magh. The other Shivaratris and Pradosh fast during the whole year are written about in our scriptures.
Apart from this, Parashar Smriti mentions the months of Margshirsh, Magh, Phagun ( Sud Paksha), Baisakh, and Shravan Shiv Puja for furthering dynasty (Vansh) Golden benefits of Shiv Yajan in the month of Kartik are indicated. Also besides these pujas, a special Yagya considering Agnichakra and Ahuti Chakra
for obtaining desired fruits is best done on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. ‘Atulam Sukh Masnute’ means it is very fruitful.

How is the Puja done?
Laghu Rudrabhishek puja of the most merciful Mahadevji can be done by any Brahmin who has learnt the mantras of Yajurveda Rudri from a Guru. Puja can be done at home or at any Shiv Mandir by the Brahmin. It can be done without the host’s presence with name resolution. Needed information can be given on the phone (mobile) to the Brahmin, who will do the puja. In it 121 Rudra Path Abhishek, Purushsukta 16 Mantra, Shodshopachar puja and last aarti performed.



Time taken for the Laghu Rudrabhishek is 1.30 Hrs.

Required things(Puja Samgari)

Materials(samagri) for Puja
(All the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji. Cost of Samagri included in Dakshina.)

Kumkum (कुमकुम)
Abil (अबील)
Gulal (गुलाल)
Sandalwood (chandan) (चंदन)
Turmeric (haldi) (हल्दी)
Sugar (sakkar/chini) (सककर/ चीनी)
Cashews (kaju) ( काजू )
Almonds (badam) (बादाम)
Grapes (angoor) (अंगूर)
Black grapes(kale angoor) ( काले अंगूर)
Ball of colored cotton thread (nadachhadi)(नाड़ाछड़ी)
A pair of cotton Thread ( janoi jota) ( जानोई जोटा)
Camphor tablet (Kapoor ki goti) (कपूर की गोटी )
A bottle of perfume (itra ki shishi) (इत्र की शीशी)
Mustard (saraso) (सरसो)
Small container of saffron ( केसर की डिब्बी )
Dry coconut (shree fal) ( श्री फल)
Leaves made bowl (padiya) ( पडीया)

For Abhishek
Milk (dudh) (दूध)
Yogurt (dahi) (दही)
Ghee ( घी)
Honey (sahad) (सहद)
Ground sugar (chini ka powder) (चीनी का पाउडर)
Sugarcane juice (ganne ka ras) ( गन्ने का रस)
Dabh (डाभ)
Chickpeas (chana) (चना)
Tropha ka pani (त्रोफा का पानी)
Black sesame (kale til) ( काले तिल)

Worship utensils
Kalash of copper (tanbe ka kalash) (तांबे का कलश)
Tarbhana( one type of plate) of copper (tanbe ka tarbhana) ( तांबे का तरभाना)
Fabric for installation (1.25 m)
Red (lal)( लाल)
White (safed) ( सफ़ेद)

White Pitambar (safed pitaanber) (सफ़ेद पीतांबर)
Red Pitambar (lal pitaanber) (लाल पीतांबर)

Flowers and fruits
Wheat ( gehu) (गेहु)
Rice ( chawal) (चावल)
Sweets (mitha) (मीठा)
Sequence Garlands (patti har) (पट्टी हार)
Garlands (haar) (हार)
Loose flowers (fool) (फूल)
Dharo (धरो)
Bael leaf (billipatra) (बिलीपत्र)
Betel leaf (nagarwel pan) (नागरवेल पान)
Apple (seb) ( सेब)
Pomegranate (anar) (अनार)
Orange (santra) (संतरा)
Ashoka tree leaf (ashok ped ke patte) (अशोक के पेड़ के पत्ते )

Preparation from home
Idol of Ganapati Bapa-1 (ganeshji ki murti-1) (गणेश जी की मूर्ति-1)
Bajot-2 (बाजोट-2)
Patla-2 ( पाटली-2)
plate-5 (thali-5)(थाली – 5 )
bowls-5 (katore-5) (कटोरे-5)
big glass of copper – 1 (tanbe ka lota) (तांबे का लोटा)
Asana (आसन)
Clean clothes for seat (pathranu) (पाथरनु)
Cotton wool (rooi) ( रूई)
Match box (machis) (माचिस)
incense stick (aggarbatti) (अगरबत्ती)
Napkins ( नेपकीन)
Panchamrut (पंचामृत)
Scarf (khes) (खेस)
Pinches (chunari) (चुनरी)
water of ganga (gangajal) (गंगाजल)




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