Shradh Puja

Shradh Puja, also known as Pitru Puja, is a Hindu ritual to pay homage to deceased ancestors. It is believed that performing Shradh Puja calms those who have died and helps them attain peace in the afterlife. Shradh Puja is usually performed during Pitru Paksha in Bhadrapada.

Shradh Puja Samagri

  • Jalpura (जलपात्र)
  • Roli (रोली)
  • Moli (मौली)
  • Akshat (अक्षत)
  • Chawal (चावल)
  • Ghee (घी)
  • Til (तिल)
  • Naivedya (नैवेद्य)
  • Daan (दान)
  • Kapda (कपड़ा)
  • Kalash (कलश)
  • Narial (नारियल)
  • Supari (सुपारी)
  • Banana (केला)
  • Flowers (फूल)
  • Dhoop (धूप)
  • Battu (बत्ती)
  • Lota (लोटा)
  • Bell (घंटी)
  • Asana (आसन)

Shradh Puja Vidhi

  • Offering food and water to the ancestors. This is usually done in the form of pinda, a ball made of rice, barley, or flour.
  • Performing tarpan, which involves offering water mixed with sesame seeds to the ancestors.
  • Chanting mantras and prayers.
  • Lighting a diya.

Online Shradh Puja

Nowadays, it is also possible to perform Shradh Puja online. Many websites and organizations offer online Shradh Puja services. This can be a convenient option for people who are unable to perform the puja themselves or who live far away from a temple.

Benefits of Performing Shradh Puja

  • It is believed to bring peace and satisfaction to the ancestors.
  • It can help improve the fortunes of the living descendants.
  • It can help to remove any negative karma that may be associated with the ancestors.
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