Parbhani Temples

Parbhani is located in Maharashtra. The city is known for its popular temple which includes Shri Mrityunjay Pardeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Ganpati Mandir, Dnyaneshwar Mauli Mandir and many others. But the most famous temple in Parbhani is Mrityunjay Pardeshwar Mahadev Mandir as it is believed that is dedicated to Lord Shiva with 80 feet in height. The uniqueness of the temple is that the main shrine Shivlinga is made of 250 kg of Mercury and is one of the largest Shivlinga in India. To visit Parbhani temple the best time is from December to February. Also, you can know about temples in Parbhani their darshan, aarti timings and much more.