Abhishek Puja

Abhishek Puja, which means "holy bath," is a puja performed by offering a holy bath to a deity. It's a common tradition across many Hindu gods and goddesses, but a popular one is the Rudra Abhishek Puja for Lord Shiva.

In this puja, the devotee takes a Sankalp, expressing their intention to perform the puja. The puja starts with summoning the specific deity with mantras and prayers by a pujari. The abhishek is the most important part of the puja and the samsgri of worship includes it.

  • Panchamrit, GangaJaal and  Bilva leaves

Throughout the abhishek, mantras are chanted to seek the god's blessings. Aarti is performed for the deity. The puja finishes with prayers. Abhishek pujas are believed to bring benefits according to the god being worshipped.

  • Pacify the gods and seek their blessing.
  • Purify the devotee and their surroundings.
  • Remove negativity and bring peace.
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