Puja at Sakhi Gopal

Sakhi Gopal - Gopal Sahasranama
Sakhi Gopal - Nitya Puja
Sakhi Gopal - Natvar Shrungar
Sakhi Gopal - Nitya Shrungar

The puja at Sakhi Gopal Temple is all about worshipping Lord Krishna in his Sakhi Gopal form. People perform this puja, seeking blessings for happy marriages, fertility and a joyful family life. It's significant because it's believed to fulfil devotees' desires related to relationships and family.

The puja offerings at Sakhi Gopal Temple include Vishnu Sahasranama Gopal, Sahasranama Nitya Puja, Natvar Shrungar and Nitya Shrungar. Every ritual is performed by our knowledgeable Pandit with energy and dedication.