Tarpan Puja

Tarpan Puja is a Hindu ritual performed to honour and offer present prayers to Pitrs, gods and Rishis. It is often performed during specific occasions, such as Pitru Paksha, Amavasya and during Shraddha rituals.

Tarpan Puja Samagri

  • Kusha Grass
  • Black Sesame Seeds (Til)
  • Barley (Jau) Rice (Akshata)
  • Gangajaal Sandalwood Paste
  • Flowers Milk Ghee
  • Cotton Thread (Yajnopavita)
  • Small Vessels or Bowls
  • Clean Cloth
  • Incense and Lamp

Tarpan Puja Vidhi

To perform Tarpan Puja, purify yourself with a bath and wear clean white clothes. Set up a clean platform with a photo of your ancestors and gather samagri, like a brass plate, black sesame seeds, gangajaal and rice. Sit facing south, invoke Lord Ganesha and your ancestors, and offer water mixed with sesame seeds and grains three times while chanting "Om Pitra Devataabhyo Namah" and your ancestor's name. Make rice balls with sesame seeds, ghee, honey, and milk, and place them in the south. Offer flowers, sandalwood paste and fruits; light a lamp and incense; perform aarti; and distribute prasad.

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