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Tarpan and Pitru Havan have special importance in the method of Pitru Paksha. The ancestors are paid respect by performing Shraddha. It is believed that Shraddha rituals are completed only when offerings are made to the fire along with Vedic mantras as per the rituals and offerings of rice, water, sesame, ghee, sugar or sugar are made in it. By performing havan in this way the ancestors are pleased and satisfied.

In Tarpan Puja offering of water to the ancestors is done. During the puja special mantras and prayers are chanted. The name and Gotra of the soul are mentioned in the prayers. Performing this puja in Amarkantak is better.

At first, devotees take a bath in the holy river. It is required to wear white holy clothes during this ritual and wear a ring of "Kush" grass. Then Sankalp is taken in the name of the devotee and then devotees offer water with mixed black sesame seeds, Kusha grass and White flowers to the soul to satisfy them. Than havan is performed by the pujari by chanting mantras and offering Ahuti with the help of things like Akshat, Water, Ghee, Sesame etc. The pujari ji offers Ahuti in the name of all the ancestors who have died. Then devotees offer sweets and clothes to the pujari with south side face. At last, devotees share food with crow, cow, ants and dogs and the puja is completed.

Benefits of Tarpan and Pitru Havan in Amarkantak

Tarpan Puja and Pitru Hawan help in removing the effect of Pitru Dosh. Doing this puja offers peace to the soul that gives devotees strength to overcome all the hurdles of their life. Doing this puja helps the soul to attain the path of salvation and it also gives happiness, blessings and good fortune to the family of the departed soul.

Place of Puja

At Arandi Sangam Amarkantak.

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

Black sesame(काला तिल), Akshat(अक्षत), kusha grass(कुशा घास), Ganga jal(गंगा जल), White flower(सफेद फूल), Rolli(रोली), Molly(पतुरिया), Ghee(घी), Honey(शहद), Honey, Milk(दूध), Sweets(मिठाइयाँ).

When to Perform Tarpan and Pitru Havan?

This puja can be done in Amarkantak on any day of the year according to the Muhrat.

Tarpan and Pitru Havan Duration

Tarpan and Pitru Havan takes time around 2 To 2.30 hours in Amarkantak

Yajman Details

  • Total Yajman: 5

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