Panchopchar Puja

Panchopchar Puja is a form of worship in Hinduism involving 5 offerings to the deity. The panchopchar ritual is done on special occasions like festivals. The 5 offerings done are Gandha(Sandalwood), Pushpa(flowers), Dhupa(incense stick), Dipa(Lamp) and Naivedhya (food and water).

Panchopchar Puja Samagri

1. Gandha (Fragrance): Offering sandalwood paste or any other fragrant substance.

2. Pushpa (Flowers): Offering of fresh flowers.

3. Dhoopa (Incense): Offering of incense sticks or dhoop.

4. Deepa (Lamp): Lighting of a lamp usually with ghee or oil.

5. Naivedya (Food): Offering food which can include fruits, sweets or cooked items.

Panchopchar Puja Vidhi

1. Sankalp is taken by the devotees

2. Prayers of Deity is done by taking his name

3. Abhishek is done with offering all five things one by one with chanting mantras.

4. Blessing is taken at last.

Benefits of Panchopchar Puja

1. Inner Peace and Purification

2. Positive Energy

3. Family Bonding

4. Overall Welfare

Best time to do Panchopchar Puja

You can perform on any date of the year according to the Mahurat.

Panchopchar Puja Cost

The cost of the puja can vary based on the location, the temple and the specific rituals included.

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