Parli Vaijnath - Laghu Rudrabhishek


Laghu Rudrabhishek is a very important ritual in which the Panchamarit Pooja is offered to Lord Shiva. Nevertheless, this pooja is performed by experienced priests and they recite very powerful mantras.
During the process of bathing Shiva Linga, the priests chant mantras. These mantras are Rudra Suktha. After the process of giving bath to the Shiva Linga, the priest purifies it with the mixture of curd, honey, cow's milk, sugarcane, rice, and other items.

Benefits of Puja

Laghu Rudrabhishek can bring good health and prosperity in the life of the devotees doing the abhishek. It also helps in removing hurdles and problems in the devotees and in the life of their family members. One can also perform this Puja in order to get relief and protection against various diseases and ailments.

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

Kumkum(कुमकुम), Abil(अबील), Gulal(गुलाल), Sandalwood(चंदन), Turmeric(हल्दी), Camphor(कपूर), Milk(दूध), Yogurt(दही), Ghee(घी), Honey(सहद), Black sesame(काले तिल)

When to Perform Parli Vaijnath - Laghu Rudrabhishek?

Laghu Rudrabhishek gives much benefit when performed on Mondays or in the of Shravan, it can also be performed with proper Mahurat on other days of the year.

Puja Duration

2.30 to 3 Hours

Place of Puja

At Parli Vaijnath Mandir

Yajman Details

  • Total Yajman: 4
  • Extra Yajman Allow: 5
  • Extra Yajman Price: 110.00

Book Parli Vaijnath - Laghu Rudrabhishek

Starting From- ₹6499.00

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