Satyanarayan Katha

The Satyanarayan Katha is a Hindu religious ceremony that includes performing the Katha, a story about Lord Satyanarayan, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Katha is often performed on special occasions such as weddings, greeting events, birthdays, or during the month of Kartik. It is believed to bring prosperity, peace and happiness to the devotees.

Satyanarayan Katha Puja Samgri

  • Kumkum (कुमकुम)
  • Abil (अबील)
  • Gulal (गुलाल)
  • Sandalwood (चंदन)
  • Areca nut (सुपारी)
  • Cashews (काजू)
  • Grapes (अंगूर)
  • Cotton thread ball (नाड़ाछड़ी)
  • Pair of cotton thread (जानोई जोटा)
  • Camphor (कपूर)
  • Dry Coconut (श्री फल)
  • Incense stick (अगरबती)
  • Attar (इत्र)
  • Wheat (गेहु)
  • Rice (चावल)
  • Normal har (हार)
  • Flowers (फूल)
  • Green fruit (हरे फल)

Satyanarayan Katha Benefits

  • Performing Satyanarayan puja at home may lead to success. People who perform this puja can achieve their goals and wishes.
  • It can also improve people's physical and mental health.
  • Helps to overcome difficulties and challenges.
  • It may remove all sins from the previous life.

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