Nashik - Satyanarayan Katha


When the word ‘Satya is joined with the name of Lord Narayan, it shows the basic root of Sanatan Dharma – which is ‘Truth’. And due to that only successful achievements of desires is the fruit. This is the Truth of Narayan.

Puja Preparation

Friends, relatives and well wishers should be gathered at home, Brahmins should be invited and a one night satsang should be done. This can be done at a religious place or even at the home of the Brahmin for the welfare and wellbeing of the host.

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

Kumkum (कुमकुम), Abil(अबील), Gulal(गुलाल), Sandalwood(चंदन), Areca nut(सुपारी), Cashews(काजू), Grapes(अंगूर), Cotton thread ball(नाड़ाछड़ी), Pair of cotton thread(जानोई जोटा), Camphor(कपूर), Dry Coconut(श्री फल), Incense stick(अगरबती), Attar(इत्र), Wheat(गेहु), Rice(चावल), Normal har (हार), Flowers(फूल), Green fruit(हरे फल).

Benefits of Puja:
  • This katha can bring spiritual vibes in the family of the devotee's. It also helps in increasing positive energy and also reducing or removing all the negative energy effecting the devotee's life. It brings good fortune and also better health in the life of the devotee's.

When to Perform Nashik - Satyanarayan Katha ?

This puja can be done on any auspicious day of the year according to the mahurat.

Puja Duration

3 to 4 Hours

Place of Puja

At Nashik

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