Gangotri - Pind daan

Gangotri - Pind daan


Pind Daan is also known as "Pinda Pradaan".Pind Daan is considered to be a ritual that offers a calm passage to the deceased and helps in the soul's release from the cycle of rebirth. Through Pind Daan the souls of devotees forefather are satisfied. In addition to prayers and mantras, the ritual will includes a priest or family member presenting Pind to the departed. Additionally, it is said to give benefits to the remaining family members.

At First, Sankalp is taken in the name of the devotees. Then the making of rice balls is done by the devotees and then Panditji offering that rice ball to the devotees forefather with chanting mantras and prayers. At last the offering of the Pind is done to the ancestors of the devotees and the ritual is completed.

Benefits of Puja

It is believed that doing Pind Daan brings upon the ancestors' protection and blessings. When family present Pind Daan to their departed loved ones, the spirits who are still on Earth after death find peace. Pind Daan makes people's lives successful, peaceful, and prosperous.

Place of Puja

At Gangotri

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

Milk(दूध), Black Sesame(काला तिल), Jho Flour(झो आटा), Fruits(फल) Flowers(पुष्प), White Thread(सफेद धागा), Chandan (चंदन), Rice(चावल), Dhoop(धूप)

When to Perform Gangotri - Pind daan?

This puja can be done at Gangotri on any day of the year according to the Mahurat.

Puja Duration

Pind Daan Puja Duration takes time around 1 hour.

Yajman Details

  • Total Yajman: 4

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