Varanasi - Shradh


Shradh is an annual ritual done for the ancestors that is performed either on the date of their death or on Pitru Paksh depending on their departure tithi. Shradh is mainly done to satisfy the unfulfilled wants of spirits. The Shradh is done for mainly one ancestor and prayers include last three generations of the ancestors from both father’s and mother’s side. This ritual is done in order for the spirits of the ancestors to find peace and moksh. The importance of Shradh is mentioned in many Hindu books and purans. Every ritual and process included in the ritual is totally followed at Varanasi.
First the mantras are chanted and sankalp is taken in the name of the devotees. Than the prayer is done for the all the ancestors of the husband’s and wife’s family. After that mantras are chanted according to the vedic ritual, food made of rice and also water is offered to the ancestors. At last prayer is done to all the ancestors to accept all the ritual and forgive for all the mistakes made. Than the devotees have to take bath.

Benefits of Puja

Shradh rituals satisfies the ancestors of the devotee and helps in getting their blessings. It removes all the bad and negative energy in the life of the devotees. It also brings good luck and helps in getting success in the life of the devotees. It resolves health issue and also increases harmony and well being between the family members.

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

Milk(दूध), Black Seasame(काला तिल), Jho Flour(झो आटा), Fruits(फल), Flowers(पुष्प), White Thread(सफेद धागा), Chandan(चंदन), Rice(चावल), Dhoop(धूप), Turmeric(हल्दी), Incense Sticks(अगरबत्तियां)

When to Perform Varanasi - Shradh?

This has to be performed according to proper ritual and mahurat.

Puja Duration

3 to 4 Hours

Place of Puja

At Harishchandra Ghat, Varanasi

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