Varanasi - Ganesh Gauri Puja


It is believed that Ganesh Gauri Puja brings an end to the sufferings of the devotees.

Puja Preparation

The puja is done by making the idol of Goddess Gauri and God Ganesh from Supari or from the mud of the river Ganga. Than the idol is worshipped and puja is done of the idol.

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

Rice(चावल), Fruits(फल), Incense Sticks(अगरबत्तियां), Turmeric(हल्दी), Kumkum(कुमकुम, )Flowers(पुष्प), Dhoop(धूप)

Benefits of Puja:
  • This puja can bring harmony and happiness in the life's of the devotees and their family members. It also brings success in the life's of the devotees. It is known to remove hurdles and problems. It is also known to give wealth and prosperity along with the strength to fight with the problems in the life.

When to Perform Varanasi - Ganesh Gauri Puja ?

This puja can be performed on any day of the year according to the mahurat.

Puja Duration

45 Minutes to 1 Hours

Place of Puja

At the Hairshchandra Ghat - Varanasi

Yajman Details

  • Total Yajman: 1
  • Extra Yajman Allow: 3
  • Extra Yajman Price: 500.00

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