"Maha puja" is a term from Sanskrit that translates to "great worship." A puja is a religious worship performed to honor deities and spiritual entities. A "maha puja" is a larger or more significant variation of a puja, frequently linked with big religious festivals, special occasions, or celebrations, including difficult rituals and offerings.

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Ganpatipule - Mahapuja Nevidhuyam
Theur - MahaPuja
Aundha Nagnath - Mahapuja
Tuljapur - Mahapuja

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What are the common rituals and offerings in Mahapuja?

2. What are the benefits of performing Mahapuja?

3. Can Mahapuja be performed at home?

4. Is Mahapuja the same as Havankund or Yajna?

5. How much time does Mahapuja normally take?