Mamaleshwar Temple

Mamaleshwar Temple
Mamaleshwar Temple

About Mamaleshwar Temple

The Mamal Temple or Mamaleshwar Temple is a Hindu temple located in the city of Pahalgam, in Kashmir Valley. According to legend, this is the temple where Ganesha was placed as door keeper by Parvati, not allowing anyone to enter the premises without her permission. This is the place where Shiva cut the head of Ganesha and gave him an elephant head. Mam Mal means don't go, and thus it is also known as Mammal temple. The temple was constructed around 400 A.D.

Temple Timings and Details

  • Clock Darshan Timings

    Opening Timing - 09:00 Am

    Closing Timing - 06:00 Pm 

  • T Shirt Dress Code Traditional and formal clothing
  • Camera Photography Not allowed
  • Prasad Image Prasad Not available

Temple Location

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