Deoghar - Gathbandhan Puja


Deoghar is the only jyotirlinga in the world where Lord Shiva resides in the heart of Goddess Sati. The Gathbandhan puja performed here has a lot of significance and importance. It is believed that by offering this puja a couple is blessed with happiness and blissful married life by Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva in the same way as Parents do. This ritual is for both newlywed and married couples.

At first, Sankalp is taken in the name of the devotees and then a red thread is tied on top of Baba Baidyanath and later the same thread is tied on the top of Mata Paravati Temple. The ritual is performed by pandits who chant slokas and Bhandaris who climb the domes of the temples and tie the threads.

Benefits of Gathbandhan Puja in Deoghar

Gathbandhan puja helps in increasing the bond between married couples. It increases peace and harmony between family members. It protects from serious diseases and benefits bachelors who are looking for their ideal life partner.

Place of Puja

At Deoghar Temple

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

When to Perform Gathbandhan Puja?

This puja can be performed on any day of the according to the mahurat in Deoghar.

Gathbandhan Puja Duration

Gathbandhan Puja take time around 1 To 1.30 hours.

Yajman Details

  • Total Yajman: 5

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