Navchandi Yagya

Navchandi Yagya is a special ritual where people worship Goddess Chandi, who represents protection and power. During this ritual, pandits chant mantras and offer things like flowers and fruits to a sacred fire. They repeat this nine times; that's why it's called "Navchandi," meaning "nine Chandi."

People believe that by performing Navchandi Yagya, they can overcome problems, get inner peace and receive blessings from the Goddess.

Navchandi Yagya Puja Vidhi

The puja vidhi for Navchandi Yagna includes intricate rituals, chants of holy mantras and offerings of various items such as flowers, fruits, incense and special ingredients like ghee and grains into the holy flame. The specific vidhi can vary based on the tradition followed by the pandit performing the yagna.

Navchandi Yagna Cost

The cost of Navchandi Yagna varies based on the number of pandits involved, the location, the samagri used in the yagna and any additional services provided. It's best to consult with local pandits for exact cost estimates.

Navchandi Yagna Time Duration

Navchandi Yagna is a lengthy ritual that normally takes many days. The duration varies, but it is around 9 hours long, representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga worshipped during the yagna.

Navchandi Yagna Benefits

Navchandi Yagna brings many benefits. It can purify you spiritually, bring blessings from Goddess Chandi for protection and prosperity, remove obstacles, fulfil desires and ensure happiness for you and your family.

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