Mahurgad - Nanda dip puja


Lighting diyas is an important  tradition and is considered sacred. They are meant to proctect again negative energies and symbolizw purity. Lighting a diya is a way to invoke the presence of the deity being worshipped. Lighting diya is represence the unwavering devotation of the devotees towards the Goddess.     

At first sankalp is taken in the name of the devotees. Than mantras are chanted by the pujari. Than a lamp is lighted by the devotees. at last arti is done and puja is complete. 

Benefits of Puja

Lighting diya can removes negetive energeis and create a positive atmosphere. Lighting a diya for puja can attracts special belssings. Performing this puja purifies mind and body of the devotees. Performing this puja helps in get rid of "Vastu Dosh".

Place of Puja

At Renuka devi temple.

Required Things (Puja Samgri)

The puja samagri is included in the Dakshina

Diya(दीपक), Kum kum (कुम कुम), Flower(फूल), Oil(तेल).

When to Perform Mahurgad - Nanda dip puja?

This puja can be done on any day of the year according to the muhurat.

Puja Duration

15 to 20 minute

Yajman Details

  • Total Yajman: 2

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